St. Luke’s Medical Society

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St. Luke's Medical Society is a separate wing of HCC headed by Board Members. The two health centers at Nannaj in Maharashtra and Aurad in Karnataka are committed to providing health services to the poor and marginalized.

Nannaj Health Center

The work in the St. Luke's Health and Welfare Centre Nannaj started in the year 1971 under a tin shed by Sister Maj Franzen. Today this small center has developed into the Primary Health care center with 30 beds and equipped with modern OT and other referral services in the Lab and investigation departments. The center is recognized by the Government of India, Ministry of Health for the National Family Planning and the Revised National Tuberculosis Control program.  Dr. Urunkar is at present Secretary of the District T.B. program. The center received grants for the National family planning and free medicines for the T.B program from the Government. The center also associates with REACH organization in Calcutta for the physically handicapped children.

To improve the health status of the people in and around Nannaj Health center we have started small income generation program like Community based Primary Health care project, mother and Child Health care projects, Aids Awareness Program,  Animal husbandry projects, kitchen gardening and distribution of small loans for starting the enterprises in the village.

The center has special clinics on each day for specialty treatment by visiting doctors from Solapur.

Aurad Health Centre


The center is situated by the side of state highway 19, 16 Km to the north of Gulbarga city on the way to Bidar. It is housed on a four acre lush green plot. The health center has inpatient and outpatient services with laboratory, X-ray, dispensary, operation and delivery room. The center can accommodate only 15 patients as in patients. There are residential facilities for eight families of the staffs. The plot is well planned with road, electricity water, and waste and sewage disposal. There is also a small block for the inpatient's relatives to cook and bath. Good beautiful chapel and conference room are available at the site.

Area of Work

The health center is situated in the village Aurad-B. The mobile team for the promotion of health visits surrounding villages. Thus now the work is spread out in 29 villages with a population of 43000. Gulbarga district is one of the most backward districts of Karnataka state. It is a draught prone area, poverty, sickness, illiteracy and superstition keeps the area backward even after sixty years of democratic government rule.


The work in this area started during a very severe draught in the year 1972. The local HCC invited one Swedish nurse named Miss. Alvig Jansson from Solapur to provide relief during the draught. Relief work of supplying food and medicine grew up to a mobile dispensary. Dr. K.A. Abraham, the former Director of the health center joined the mobile dispensary as doctor in 1975. In 1981 the land for the center was bought, construction work was delayed till 1991. Construction of the buildings and accessories were completed in 1992 and the center was commissioned and dedicated on 20th April 1993.

Activities / Services

The main goal of the center is prevention of diseases to promote health in community, developing economic and social status of the population, thus bringing in a holistic health of physical mental and spiritual health.

The inspiration for such a goal is based on our Master's words as recorded in gospel according to St. Mathew, Chapter 25 and verse 40. "Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

On an average 30 patients attend the OP with variety of complaints but mainly of respiratory diseases.  Throughout the year all the days round the clock admission and care is available to all who are in need. At present only 15 beds are available and bed occupancy is 130%. Round the clock on all days labour room is open with nurses to conduct normal deliveries, in case of assistance the resident obstetrician comes into help. Due to lack of anesthetist surgical intervention is not done and such cases are referred to Gulbarga.  Routine investigations are all done here during working hours. Main items are HIV tests, sputum examination for TB patients and other blood tests.  100 ma X-ray machine with provision to develop films is available. Mainly x-ray chest, and extremities are done here.  A major operation room is available with Boyles machine. Major surgeries can be done here. At present Tubectomy and eye operations are done.

Seminar room with about 100 people accommodation is available with all latest gadgets of audio-visual equipment.  There are periodic programs for women, students, village leader etc.  A beautiful chapel with 100 persons seating capacity is available. Every morning the work starts with devotion at 8.45 AM. In addition evangelical programs are conducted.  Eight blocks of family accommodation is available. In addition there is a guest room with two beds and Director's bungalows are available. There are many staffs, students, interns and other people who seek accommodation but could not be provided.

With the help of District Blindness Control Society free cataract operation with IOL implantation are done free of charge to all needy persons. On an overage fifty operations are done in a month. Every first and last Wednesdays of the month is dedicated for the purpose.  With the help of PHC and District health office we conduct ten tubal ligation operations on women per week to prevent further pregnancies. The operation is free with hospital stay.  In order to prevent spread of HIV in community aggressive steps are being taken. Anyone who is willing to be tested is provided the test with pre and post-test counseling for a meager ten rupees. So far we had carried this program with the help of HCC and MCCS/SIDA. Now as a follow up of earlier program CDC of USA has joined with us. There are four counselors and one laboratory technician employed. There is a mobile VCTC, first of its kind in the area and a VCTC at the health center. We provide free OP and IP Care for infected persons including help for the families.  With the help of National Tuberculosis Control Program we are helping to prevent further spread of TB in the community. This center is a designated microscopy and treatment center for the RNTCP. Here we provide free sputum examination and treatment for all.

School dropout girls and unemployed women are given training in tailoring skill for one year and at the end of one year if funds are available we provide a sewing machine to the candidate. This year the help of Läkarmissionen for providing 100 sewing machines is worth mentioning with gratitude. The school is self-supporting with the co-operation of village and participants.  With the help of SIDA / HCC one thousand acres in Aurad village was taken up, with the successful completion of the program, another thousand acres is taken up now in another village and it is going well. Especially in a draught prone area like this such program is of at most importance. In order to be healthy economic development is of prime importance.  With the help of HCC/SIDA Mother and child health program is going on in three villages. Main thrust is for empowerment of women. Women's groups are made with 10-15 women in one group. They are helped to organize themselves and helped with financial activities. Empowerment of women economically and with education will bring out a well-developed healthy community.   One to one counseling, focus group, seminars and campaigns are conducted at the center and in the village areas of work to create awareness about health, prevention of diseases and promotion of health. The facilities provided and available at the health center are informed in the community.

This centre is a training centre for community health. Accommodation is a big problem in training programs. We have no place to provide accommodation to the participants. In addition to the training of villagers we provide training in community health and preventive medicine for degree and diploma nursing students, medical students, interns, Swedish nursing and medical students and social work students of local university.

Expansion / Needs. Inpatient's wards, outpatient facility, office of the centre and residential area, all need extra space. At present all these activities are carried on in very congested and crowded place and it is a hindrance to the work and future work as it grows. We have land available.  An ultra sound machine, operating ophthalmic microscope are needed for the present work.